Maker Teams Set for Red Bull Creation, a 72-Hour Innovation Competition that Starts June 28

Oakland, CA (June 25, 2017) – The Red Bull Creation Team Selection Party in Oakland is now a wrap, and 10 teams of four individual makers have been chosen at random. Their mission? To work together with their teammates to build a Creation that sparks meaningful interactions between strangers in public spaces, with a Bridges Over Walls theme. The 72-hour innovation competition kicks off at 7:00pm on Thursday, June 28 at American Steel in Oakland.

The Makers — ranging from woodworkers to software developers — include 26 people nominated by a committee of Bay Area Maker and Arts organizations plus another 14 who qualified online. The newly formed teams have never worked together before, which should keep things interesting. Now they only have a few days to get to know each other, come up with a concept for their Creation, assign work shifts, and prepare for little, or no, sleep during the 72-hour live build phase and generally strategize.

Each team will be provided with a healthy budget for building materials and all the tools they could wish for during the 72-hour live build, so their creative minds are already focused on how they can use public art to bring people together. People who attend the live build phase — and the show-and-tell event that starts July 1 — should expect the unexpected.

“The theme of Bridges Over Walls is all about finding the things that connect us, and figuring out how we can strengthen those connections as opposed to what divides and separates us,” said Brian Enright, a Maker who mentors black male youth in technology creation, entrepreneurship and leadership skills through the Hidden Genius Project in Oakland.

The maker teams assembled for the live build challenge are as wildly creative and diverse as the Bay Area community. In addition to the wildcard entrants who applied online, maker teams are drawn from Bay Area maker organizations like Ace Monster Toys, The Crucible, American Steel, NoiseBridge, HackerDojo, Gray Area and others. Whether tinkerers, hobbyists, artists or technologists, all are craftspeople with vision, guts and skill.

Much divides the Bay Area, including physical barriers like San Francisco Bay, but also mindsets. While the Bay Area has lead historical conversations and movements around inclusiveness and community, a larger isolationist paradigm still exists. Can art change that? Can art inspire a conversation between strangers that bridges the divide, even a little? Red Bull gives wings to creativity, and that’s what this event is about. The maker teams are stoked about building and sharing their Creations.

Some serious recognition and prizes are also on the line in this competition. A diverse panel of industry experts will judge Creations built during the 72-hour live build for the judges choice award and the Makers themselves will select a teams’ choice winner, with prizes and tools valued at $15,000 awarded. Both the live build event and show-and-tell phase are open to the public at American Steel on Sunday, July 1st. Learn more at