Red Bull Creation, a 72-Hour Innovation Competition, Starts June 28 at American Steel in Oakland

Oakland, CA (May 23, 2017) – Can building materials, artistic vision, sweat and perseverance overcome the literal and figurative obstacles that divide people? The Bay Area is about to find out. Red Bull Creation’s latest innovation competition begins on Thursday, June 28, 2018 at American Steel in Oakland. The event brings together 10 teams of four local makers, some invited, others drawn from wild card entries, to build Creations that facilitate meaningful interactions between strangers in public, with a topic of Bridges Over Walls.

So, who are makers? They are tinkerers, hobbyists, artists and technologists. Some are professionals, and others are enthusiastic amateurs. All are dedicated craftspeople who bring their visions to life, whether creating something new in their garage or erecting a city block-sized art installation. For this event, maker teams include people from Ace Monster Toys, The Crucible, Hidden Genius Project, American Steel, NoiseBridge, HackerDojo, Gray Area and others, including Bay Area makers who apply online to participate.

Bay Area makers who want to grab a spot to participate in Oakland’s awesome Red Bull Creation event can apply online by completing a wild card qualifier form at by June 5th.

In the spirit of this year’s Red Bull Creation topic, Bridges Over Walls, which is all about bringing people together, the 10 teams will be formed at a pre-build selection party. Teams will be a mix of makers who’ve never worked together before — talk about facilitating interactions between strangers in public! The Creations the teams make during the live build phase will be judged by a diverse panel of industry experts, and a teams’ choice winner will also be selected, with prizes and tools valued at $15,000 awarded. After 72 straight hours of creating (and a few cans of their favorite energy drink), makers will pack up their tools on July 1 for a final show-and-tell of their Creations at American Steel, open to the general public.

What will these talented makers create to bridge the obstacles that divide people? Expect the unexpected. When a group of visionary makers get together, the only sure thing is that the results will be unpredictable. But why Bridges Over Walls? Why the Bay Area? And why Oakland? The Bay Area is divided by many things, including physical barriers like bodies of water, and less tangible divides, such as weather, states of mind and areas of economic focus.

The Bay Area has a wildly creative, boot-strapped, DIY attitude that inspires the entire world. That spirit lives in the epicenter of tech on the San Francisco side and in funky, artistic Oakland too. So, who better to explore the dualities and divides in the Bay Area — and build bridges over obstacles — than the local maker community? Red Bull gives wings to people and ideas, and Red Bull Creation is an ode to the curious. Maybe discovery can bring everyone together.

So, get ready for blueprints, saws, welding torches, hammers, screwdrivers, soldering irons — and human ingenuity. Prepare yourself for incredibly creative public art installations that inspire conversation. The local maker community is ready to knock the Bay Area’s socks off. To find out more about the Red Bull Creation competition, apply for a wild card spot on a maker team or attend the final show and tell party, visit